Sixtests.exe Verification of "Lateral Image Test" Equations

On the "crossover" sheet of the Lateral Image Test spreadsheet, setting "Conic Constant K" to "-1.5" and then Control 's' will generate perfect ImageJ inputs for the spreadsheet and sixtests.exe who's inputs are the contents of the green cells as shown below.

Please note that Microsoft will refuse to run the LIT Spreadsheet because it contains Micros.
To Unblock a file:
Open Windows File Explorer and go to the folder where you saved the file. Right-click the file and choose Properties from the context menu. At the bottom of the General tab, select the Unblock checkbox and select OK.


Sixtests direct inputs normally are in mm. However "file->open setup" opens a dialog where you can select a "txt" file in inches if the last line of that file states "INCH" as shown below. The values in this file are the contents of the green cells above.

sixtests input

On sixtests Setup page select: caustic/LWT and Source Fixed

sixtests input configuration

Next click "Surface" then click "conic" and the result is a Strehl of "1.000" which confirms that the LIT Spreadsheet equations are correct and are general purpose with respect the "Conic Constant K".

plot Strehl=1

Returning to the LIT (Lateral Image Test) Spreadsheet "input" sheet and coping the simulated "Image J" from the "crossover" sheet to the "Image J input" of the "input" sheet and then clicking control 'C' repeatedly which will produce the results as shown below.

Simulated Results